Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.33 Full Serial

Di awal tahun ini, saya akan share
 aplikasi untuk membuat CD/DVD Label. Oiya, sebelumnya selamat tahun baru dulu yah, semoga tahun ini lebih baik dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya (amin). Oke, kita lanjutkan lagi, aplikasi yang saya maksud ialah Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.33 Full Serial. Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3.33 merupakan aplikasi yang memang dikhususkan untuk memudahkan dalam membuat CD/DVD Label. Tersedia banyak background bawaan yang bisa sobat blogger gunakan. Kalau tidak puas dengan background bawaan, sobat blogger bisa membuatnya dengan photoshop.

Product Features:
  • Supports HP LightScribe direct labeling drives - your search for easy LightScribe software is over-
  • Print to multiple LightScribe drives simultaneously-
  • Now supports partial transparency for images, text backgrounds and PNG images with alpha layers.
  • Automatically align your printer with the printer Alignment Wizard-
  • Now reads data or backup CDs and creates an instant summary-
  • Video DVD / Chapter support-
  • Import art from tons of stock graphics or your own photographs
  • Automatically import your music playlists such as iTunes or read the contents of your previously burnt CD into visually appealing arrangements. (Also reads MP3 CDs and data CDs and DVDs-)
  • Create curved and spiral text-
  • Easy wizards help create your CD/DVD/mini CD labels and CD jewel cases
  • Supports 99% of stock CD labels and CD jewel case templates-
  • Support for the new direct-to-CD printers-
  • Support for DVD cases
  • Supports Asian fonts---
  • Supports JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, and more, including various Digital Camera RAW image formats.
Changes in Version 3.33 (07/11/10):
  • added support for several new paper labels and disc-printingprinters
  • added -center vertically - horizontally- and -resize to fit label- options to the Align menu
  • the open and save-as dialogs are now resizable
  • after a successful registraction, the app will delete the -Register Acoustica CD Label Maker- desktop shortcut icon.
  • fixed a num-copies bug that occurred when using the Epson SDK.
  • bug fix: wasn-t loading composer tags or non-numeric genre tags from MP3 Files.
  • bug fix: rare crash when creating image thumbnails.

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